Angyl (gothwings) wrote in victorianlife,

A Very Victorian Yule

I'm once again on the mission to decorate the home in time for the festive season and am seeking some advice.

So far in my searches I've encountered only over-stuffed large American homes festooned with brash and gaudy Victorian inspired decorations, overdone with gold glitter and fake conifer. Surely, there is something more refined and elegant out there befitting an Englishman's home?

Currently my colour scheme is red and gold and although a real tree simply isn't practical or safe in my home, I do have a very attractive and convincing artificial 7ft tall tree which has served admirably for the past 7 years or so and shall continue to serve for at least that again.

I'm wondering if the esteemed members here may offer me some advice as to where is best to search for resources beyond random Google searches and my local library (neither of which have been terribly useful so far).

I wish to decorate my home in the mid-Victorian fashion for the season and any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
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