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Victorian Life

Lifestlyes of People Living in 1790 thru 1915

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Welcome to Victorian Life! This community is devoted to everything that is Victorian. Just to be clear, we are using a broad definition of Viction that actually is encompasing all the "proper" eras from 1790 until 1915. This actually covers the Georgian Era, the Regency Era, the Victorian Era and the Edwardian Era.. But really.. Who's keeping track anyway? For more info regarding the different eras please go here to do your research.

We want to try to keep the community on topic, so let's go over what is and is not acceptable.

What to Post

  • Antique and Vintage Victorian Photos
  • Actual Victorian Art
  • Victorian Poetry and Writing
  • Questions About the Victorian Era
  • Victorian Advertisments
  • Auctions and Sites Selling Authentic Victorian Merchandise
  • Anything and Everything Related to The Victorian Era

    What Not to Post

  • Things that aren't actually Victorian
  • Pictures of Yourself wearing things other than Authentic or Reproductions of Victorian Fashions
  • Song Lyrics, Poems, Short Stories that aren't Victorian
  • Your Ebay Auctions or Website Selling Non Authentic/Non Victorian Items
  • Requests for icons, LJ Codes, Money.. Whatever
  • Hateful, Rude, Offensive, Remarks
  • Advertisements for your community (email the moderators first to get "OK", If the community is somehow related, most likely we will say yes)
  • Anything Not Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian In nature

    One final note.. Please, Please, Please Put ALL pictures, long poems, and short stories behind a LJ Cut tag. If you don't know how to do it go here.

    Basically anything Victorian goes. Even though most things Victorian are completely non offensive, I do want to leave the option open for anything. Understand that even in that era there was erotica, medical practices, death and sickness. So, if you are under the age of 18 or you are easily offended, do everyone favor and and please don't join.

    Any other inquiries into this community, please contact crankykitten.

    Like a banner to put in your journal to advertise Victorian Life? dontspeak Made us 10 beautiful ones for general use. If you use one, please give her credit somewhere and make sure you upload it to your own server. Thanks!

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